Property consulting

Property consulting is a broad concept. In our view, it encompasses the full property supply chain, ranging from initiative and development to aftercare, management, and maintenance. Property can be approached from an organisational or a financial and economic perspective.

Our consulting services are focused on translating an organisation’s strategy to property management practices and accommodation policy on the one hand, and on projects on the other. In our view, strategy and financial and economic insight are always needed. Our long-term perspective with an integrated approach to costs is pivotal in putting together a successful property portfolio.

Strategic accommodation

There is more to accommodation than a layout plan and a budget. What is your current accommodation situation and what is your target situation? What are your organisation’s ambitions and what developments do you expect for the future? The answers to these questions are the basis for sustainable and strategic accommodation. BOAG’s project managers have the knowledge and skills to analyse your accommodation ideas and capture them in a feasible ambition. You subsequently make choices based on their substantiated advice. We know from experience that such a process of ‘co-creation’ not only produces the best results for specific stages, but also with integrated advice.

Facility management

A healthy and sustainable work environment is more than just an adequate workplace. Better facility services boost building user satisfaction. In this sense, facility management directly impacts on the organisation’s well-being, making it part of your primary process. BOAG is the strategic partner who can help you with advice on efficiency in the work environment. Efficiency will on the one hand produce considerable cost savings and on the other improve the quality of the work done.

Moving towards sustainability

Making both new builds and existing buildings sustainable is a topic that deserves our constant attention. When it comes to existing buildings, we look at the materials used, insulation ratings, water and energy consumption, but also at accessibility by public transport. Our sustainability advice will pinpoint potential sustainability gains and what adjustments are needed. Being a member of the Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC), BOAG is authorised to check plans for new builds for compliance with the principles of the BREEAM-NL sustainability rating system.

Maintenance plan

Maintenance is a critical factor in property management. Effective and timely maintenance will keep your buildings fully operational at minimal cost. A long-term maintenance plan (LTMP) shows exactly what costs to expect in both the short and the long term, which is essential knowledge in managing and defining an operation strategy for your property.


With existing buildings, the process of finding new accommodation begins with a technical due diligence (TDD). Running a technical due diligence prior to deciding whether or not to purchase a property will give you an instant overview of all technical aspects of the property you are considering buying. A TDD often includes surface area measurement based on the NEN 2580 standard and a condition assessment based on the NEN 2767 standard and will ultimately result in a comprehensive report on the value of one or multiple properties. Based on this report, we will help you with the kind of strategic advice that will give you insight into opportunities and risks.

Various forms of property consulting

Property consulting is a wide-ranging service that we always tailor to a specific organisation and situation. The following provides a rough list of what kind of property consulting may be right for you.

  • Maintenance policy advice
  • Condition assessment (NEN 2767)
  • Sustainability assessment (BREEAM)
  • Facilities consulting
  • Long-term maintenance plan (LTMP)
  • Surface area measurement (NEN 2580)
  • Strategic accommodation
  • Technical Due Diligence (TDD)

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