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In the leisure market, demand for special experiences is growing, and with that demand for leisure property. For BOAG, the experience market encompasses the art, culture, sports, and hotel and hospitality industries.

The experience economy is in a constant state of flux. Not only is the customer experience as such becoming increasingly important, the nature of the experience is also changing. Whether it be a visit to a museum, library, sports centre, or booking a hotel room, customers want something special. Security, environmental awareness, and digitalisation have all become preconditions that are having an impact on the buildings involved. BOAG has an expert grasp of these developments, as well as comprehensive knowledge of current legislation and regulations and a thorough understanding of the market. We can capture customer needs in a specific schedule of requirements that will serve as the basis for your leisure property development.

Renovation, transformation, or new build

Changing demand has had major impact on the property transformation challenges that have arisen over the past few years. Leisure property is sometimes so outdated that it is too late for major maintenance. This does not mean, however, that demolition is the only option. Sustainable renovation or even a complete transformation may well be more attractive options than demolition and a new build. BOAG has plenty of business cases to be able to back this up.

Involved from the feasibility analysis

Together with you, we will assess which option would be the best fit for you, also in financial terms. Based on the first quality scan of your existing property and the format you have in mind, we will conduct feasibility analyses that lead to economically and technically viable projects. Our service to you covers all phases of the project, including implementation, completion, maintenance, and aftercare.

Integrated collaboration across sector boundaries

There is a certain degree of overlap between the various sectors. In the higher segment of the apartment building sector or business premises sector, for example, mixed-use concepts are on the rise. Examples include a gym or coffee bar in an apartment building or school buildings with a sports hall that is used for gym classes during the day and by local sports clubs in the evenings and on weekends. At BOAG, we have specialists in the areas of educational, commercial, and social property and leisure who can help you with expert advice.

Actief in leisure

You will find a list below of the areas in which BOAG operates, including brief details of what you can expect from us in each of these markets.

  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Art and culture centres
  • Sports centres

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BOAG was founded in 1989 as Bouw Advies Groep. Over the years we have developed into an independent building consultancy and management agency.


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