Construction management

Want to stay in full control of your construction project, keep track of what is happening during each phase of the project, and know how certain events will affect your timetable and budget? BOAG is the expert partner that can help you with this kind of construction management.

As an independent construction consulting firm, we will support you and provide you with advice throughout the construction process, regardless of whether it concerns a new build, renovation, or maintenance. Our construction consultants, project managers, site managers, and supervisors will make sure that your construction project for commercial or public property is completed on time and on budget.

Custom support

When we take care of construction management for your project, we provide customised services. As a construction consulting firm, we have all the expertise and experience needed to be able to handle construction projects of any size from the inception of the initial idea through to completion. We know where bottlenecks may emerge in your project, and will see to it that contractors and other parties adhere to the agreements they have entered into with you.

PRINCE2-based project management

For our construction management service, we use the PRINCE2, a de facto process-based method for effective project management. This method, which is based on a defined organisation structure for the project management team and a product-based planning approach, is internationally acknowledged. It helps to divide each project into manageable and controllable stages and provides us with the flexibility at a level appropriate to the project. Our quantity surveyors will effortlessly keep the financial aspect under control at each stage and our site managers and supervisors will guarantee quality during the implementation phase.

Forms of construction management

Construction management covers all kinds of aspects and construction phases. Depending on the needs and the current phase of your construction project, our specialists will provide support in the following areas.

  • Design management
  • Plan testing
  • Process management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Support during projects based on Uniform Administrative Conditions for Integrated Contract (UAV-GC)
  • Project management
  • Site management and supervision
  • Maintenance management
  • Lessee and user support

Independent construction management by BOAG

Being a consulting firm, we do not do the building and/or development work ourselves. This keeps us independent and allows us to look after your interests at all times. We will represent you in a way that ensures your project will be completed within the predefined frameworks. You can even choose to make life a lot easier for yourself by having us shoulder the design risk or the design risk and the budget risk.

Want to find out more?

To find out what BOAG can do for you in your specific situation, please feel free to contact us. Call us on +31(0)10 – 209 35 35, email us on, or fill out the contact form on our website.

Want to know more about construction management?

Our manager construction management and supervision/senior project manager Francis Alba Heijdenrijk, B.Eng. can tell you what we can do for you.

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The other project managers who make BOAG strong

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Francis Alba Heijdenrijk, B.Eng. Manager construction management and supervision/senior project manager
Jeroen van Egmond, B.Eng. project manager
Marcel van Erven, B.Eng. senior project manager construction
Michel van Gageldonk, M.Sc.Eng. project manager
Rik ter Haar senior project manager construction
Robbert den Hartog BA project manager
Patricia van Hest-Osseweijer, B.Eng. sector manager/senior project manager
Ashwin Jhingoer, Bsc project manager
Marcel Karel, B.Eng. project manager construction
Jasmijn Klingens, B.Eng. project manager
Johan Knook, B.Eng. senior project manager
Ton Lansbergen senior project manager construction
Marc Mattheijer senior project manager
Bastiaan Muilwijk, B.Eng. project manager
Esther Penders, M.Sc.Eng. project manager/accommodation consultant
Boris Plukaard, B.Eng. project manager
Daniel Spiessens, M.Sc.Eng. senior project manager
Rick van Tiel, M.Sc.Eng. project manager
Amanda Verschuur M.Sc.Eng. project manager
Peter Paulissen senior project manager construction
Thomas van den Wijngaard, B.Eng. project manager construction

Did you know

BOAG since 1989

BOAG was founded in 1989 as Bouw Advies Groep. Over the years we have developed into an independent building consultancy and management agency.


Involved in society and with an eye for multiple interests, we enter into partnerships, move with developments and look to the future.