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About BOAG

BOAG is a consulting and management partner to the construction and property sectors. Always aligned with the ambitions and possibilities of our clients. Focused on achieving property solutions that bolster our clients' operations. We have been in this business for over 30 years and we cover the whole of the Netherlands.

Being an all-round consulting and management firm, BOAG looks for solutions to housing needs in new builds and existing buildings. We provide guidance during simple and complex property challenges, regardless of the scope, and we can get involved at any stage, i.e. when there is only an initial idea or initiative or when the project is about to start or already underway. We study our clients’ day-to-day reality, experiences, and primary processes to be able to support them in developing, implementing, and/or maintaining their project.

Integrated services

One of our strengths is our integrated service approach, which sees us draw on our all different areas of expertise to get your project done. For commercial and public organisations, BOAG finds customer-specific answers in terms of quality, sustainability, and affordability. Our activities cover the entire property development cycle, from initiative through to construction, management, and use. We support our clients during strategic challenges, process and project management, with cost and sustainability advice, and for facility processes and maintenance needs.

Objective and independent

BOAG is an autonomous and independent consulting and management firm. Taking your organisation as our starting point and working in close collaboration with you, we will design the most effective strategy for your situation. You can rely on our extensive market knowledge. Just like you, BOAG always aims for quality, regardless of the available resources. Our ISO 9001-certified quality management system gives you peace of mind.

We do as we promise

Whatever we say we will do, we do. In fact, we will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations in terms of quality, time, and budget. We do so by, among other things, keeping up with the latest trends and developments in the market. As a result, our products and services are always aligned with current demand and topics. The ultimate proof we deliver are the high-quality and specific solutions to your property challenges: future-proof and sustainable premises.

Regulated by RICS

BOAG is registered as an RICS-regulated firm. This is a title we carry with great pride, because it represents the highest operational integrity standards in the European property sector. RICS accreditation stands for quality, integrity, and transparency and is awarded by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Aside from that, RICS accreditation guarantees continuous evaluation of our services and our people’s professional development. Rob van der Heiden, Sander Halkes, André Leeuwis and Ton Heijmans are the RICS members at BOAG. With four RICS members representing BOAG, we guarantee that we adhere to RICS’ strict code of conduct and work to the highest professional and ethical standards.

The New Rules

The New Rules 2011 (DNR 2011, revised version 2013) apply to all services and activities offered and carried out by BOAG. The New Rules are general industry terms and conditions for designing, advising and organising for the built environment for client and contractor.

You can download these conditions in PDF format via the download button below.

Download The New Rules 2011 (DNR 2011, revised version 2013)
It's the personal connection that makes the difference

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Johan de Vries, B.Eng. MSc managing director
Joshua Coster junior construction manager
Marc Mattheijer senior project manager